Born in Bridgewater, MA, Jody Perewitz has been on 2-wheels since she was old enough to walk.  Her father, Dave Perewitz, owner of Perewitz Cycle Fab, has been involved in customizing and painting since the 1960’s.

As Jody got older, she possessed the 2-wheel passion gene, living and breathing motorcycles like her father. “My passion is two wheels,” she says.  “Anything with two wheels, I’m in love with.” Jody paints and races vintage and land speed bikes. She has passion for paint and speed.



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At the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, she broke the world speed record for a woman in her class by going 207 mph on a bike that she and her father built. At this speed, it takes her about 17 seconds to go one mile. Now, Jody and her father are rebuilding the bike–they want to go even faster. She currently holds 17 Land Speed records, one of which is a World Record, and has earned four AMA number one plates.

The Perewitz name is world renown in the custom paint world for producing some of the most sought-after customs to hit the streets across the globe.

IN 2018 Jody competed in the Motorcycle Cannonball, a world-famous transcontinental 3,875-mile endurance run for vintage motorcycles. Perewitz piloted “Marjorie,” her 1926 Harley-Davidson JD model she custom-painted. She is now one of only three females to complete all the miles in the Cannonball.


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