Setting the Bar Higher!

Setting the Bar Higher!

We started KIRSH Helmets a little over a year ago with Jason Kirshon having worked more than 7 years to develop this amazing and REVOLUTIONARY technology alone. As we said many times before, we believe KIRSH Helmets will become the next billion-dollar company to take root and prosper here in Tech Valley.

While this is an important reason for this company to exist, we must dig deeper for the real reason and the truest purpose for our existence.

We can find easily in the world of business, people who are interested in money, making a profit their priority and nothing else.

But the underlying drive for our success (now and in the future) comes from desire, a passion to do something more. Not just to make a better product, but to re-shape an industry, to destroy its outdated way of thinking, that will exact change for our customers in a way that they can't without us.

And to do this in such a way that we can create better lives for them, their families and our society as a whole.

So together, we all will enjoy the ride.

Donnie DeVito
Chief Operating Officer
KIRSH Helmets

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