Letter from COO Donnie DeVito

Opportunity has no season and it's always there for the taking. Untapped markets and unlimited potential exist all around us and our industry.

That said, it’s always a great time to think about our business – both the opportunities that we are diligently working, as well as those that lie ahead. From shifting trends in the industry, to product lines that we are about to launch, to new ones that are coming on line - We want to keep you current on it all.

1. KIRSH is revving up our brand and awareness of it.
As the seasons change, we continue to seek opportunities to build the brand. Our 2019 Sales & Marketing Plan includes great online content and shows targeted directly at our dealer and consumer audiences. We are intensely focused on the market and on the tremendous opportunity to change this whole industry.

  • Of course we are very proud to be the Official Helmet of the City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for 2019 and 2020. We’re actively planning our display and how we’ll be engaging consumers in Downtown Sturgis. Our brand is a visible part of the official website at sturgismotorcyclerally.com.
  • We are now sponsoring the KIRSH Helmets Paint Slinger contest. This competition for artists will help us engage more deeply with the custom motorcycle community, another exciting way to reach our target customers. Check out https://bikerpros.com/biker-pros-signs-kirsh-paint-slinger-shootout/
  • We're working on ramping up our presence on social media with great content and videos. While we haven't been as aggressive in the past, we’ve added new resources and ramped up our online efforts. For instance, our friend and legendary photographer, James Cooper, added his own unique view of the Sturgis Rally. Take a look at the Faces of Sturgis feature he shot for us in 2018. https://www.jamespatrickcooperphotography.com/facesofsturgis.

2. KIRSH is keeping the product roadmap moving down the highway.

  • We have been adjusting the material and manufacturing process to make the FDL liner. We have determined that by using a more pure silicone we will gain elasticity, toughness and durability. And by using a different method of curing the liner which eliminates the ovens, we are able to improve performance without sacrificing quality. It makes sense to implement these changes now rather than later. A near-term price for a major gain on our way to making the best American-made helmet.

We know these changes frustrate so many of us, but there should be no doubt we believe this all to be worth it.

3. Team KIRSH is optimizing and accelerating our business plan.

  • Joan Simmons has been working tirelessly to build the Brand and engage at the grass roots level with many organizations to keep them engaged during the unforeseen delays of the helmet launch. Certainly not an easy task, but a job well done.
  • Steve Piehl has focused on strategic issues that have moved us along in ways that I always hoped for. Driving product development, global dealer growth and several strategic business relationships we aren’t ready to announce.
  • Please check out our new advisors and their backgrounds. Truly an army of successful business leaders that understand, materials, building global consumer brands, motorcycles and growing very large and successful enterprises.

We can all be proud, 2018 was a great year, and we can’t wait for you to see what 2019 has in store.

Please remember to Enjoy the ride!

Co-Founder/President and Chief Operating Officer

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