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A Word from Don Devito, COO KIRSH Helmets

Happy New Year: January 2018 News/Updates

Hello KIRSH fans and fellow riders!  Here's a brief preview of what's coming up from KIRSH in 2018. 

First is a status update. We've had a vendor issue resulting in shipping delay of our helmets.  Our fantastic staff and I are working diligently to resolve this, and we expect a solution shortly. 

We’re constantly reminded that this is a tough business in a tough industry. However, we’re a tough company made for tough customers and are working to get the best possible product in your hands. Never forget one thing; we're working to insure your safety and comfort so you can enjoy the ride, and we will not compromise the quality of our components. I pledge to keep you informed.

2018 will be the year KIRSH Helmets makes a big impact.  You will see our half shell helmet plus more products to come.  Keep up with KIRSH Helmets and motorcycle industry news with our monthly blogs.  Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media!  Come see us at the many events we’re attending in 2018 in FL, TX, IL, SD just to name a few!  Check back here frequently and see our event calendar for specifics and event announcements.

Here’s to many great miles in 2018!

Donnie DeVito

Chief Operating Officer

KIRSH Helmets